/tt0181450/ [VHSRip 540p 1.37 Gb]

Tags: Nina Hartley ... Debbie SD VHSRip Movie HomeVideo

/tt0181450/ [VHSRip 540p 1.37 Gb]

Starring: Nina Hartley ... Debbie
Categories: VHSRip, Movie
Released: 07.2018

Description:Debbie is back!! Sexier and zanier than ever. Her house has been destroyed, her husband killed by a Meese Commission Report delivery van and Debbie, the forever nice girl, fins herself in jail. Will her husband (Donald) make it back from Heaven in time to help or will he be forever lost in space? Could it be?? Ol’ number 30 has inhabited Donald’s grave??

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Duration: 01:30:41
Quality: VHSRip
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File Size: 1.37 Gb

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